Jewelryvive CJCI Special Offer

Jewelryvive ... Collectors' Top Choice for Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelryvive … Collectors’ Top Choice for Jewelry Cleaner

Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l is proud to be partnering with the makers of Jewelryvive to offer a substantial discount to our CJCI community. Our friend Laurie Davis, along with her partner Julie Nerenberg Block, have developed a remarkable new cleaning product designed especially for collectible jewelry. If you’ve ever wondered how to safely clean vintage costume jewelry, here’s your answer!


Laurie and Julie market Jewelryvive as “a non-toxic, easy-to-use spray on jewelry cleaner that renews the sparkle and luster of your favorite jewelry … which eliminates the need for old-fashioned dip or ammonia-based cleaners! Simply spray the jewelry cleaner on, then rinse with water, and air dry.
Now you can even clean old and vintage costume jewelry pieces that have rhinestones with foil backing. In order to keep your vintage costume pieces in top condition, it is not recommended to dip the jewelry or immerse it in a cleaning solution for too long because any extended exposure to moisture will damage the jewelry.
Let Jewelryvive clean and help preserve your vintage and costume jewelry today!”




Purchase a 32-ounce bottle of Jewelryvive for only $35 – a $10 savings off of the regular price of $45!
Don’t wait to order! This fantastic deal is available for a limited time, and only through this CJCI community special offer.


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Jewelryvive Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelryvive Jewelry Cleaner

*All orders will be fulfilled and shipped by Jewelryvive. If have questions about your order, please visit Jewelryvive and fill out the contact form,. You can also learn more about Laurie’s amazing vintage store by visiting Lulu’s at the Belle Kay.