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   — see Uncas
   — see New England Glass Works
   — see New England Glass Works

    see “Copyright” on this page.

see SCHOFFEL & CO., Austria

“C” with an arrow through it – side to side — see Whiteside & Blank

C-A with arrow — see Carl-Art

CB – stylized — see Ballou, Caroline
C & C — see Clark & Coombs

C & G Manufacturing Company, Inc. – see Chusmir and Goldenberg Mfg. Co.

CADORO — Founded by actor Steve Brody & Dan Steneskieu, NY, NY — 1945- c. 1980’s
Mark:   Cadoro — used since 1955      Photo courtesy Linda Lange.

Mark:   © Cadoro     Courtesy justabunchawildflowers.

Mark:   Nina Ricci for Cadoro — 1964

C.R. Hettel Jewelry — see Hettel

Caine, Shakira — London, England; contemporary artist
Mark:   Shakira Caine©
  Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers
Caine designs jewellery in collaboration with Mounir Srougi.
Her jewelry was sold through Harrods in 1993, and is available through exclusive outlets in London.
Also, designing for Franklin Mint –12/04.

Cali — see Pascitelli

CALVAIRE, INC. — NY, NY c. 1920 — at least 1957
Mark:   Calvaire      Photo courtesy Ann Pitman.
Mark:   “Le Petit Paris, Calvaire, Paris – New York”         Courtesy Rita Perloff.

Mark:   Calvaire in script     Photo courtesy Robin Deutsch.
Mark:   Sterling Calvaire      Photo courtesy Mary Kay Bond.

Founded in early 1920’s by two women, Ray Calish and Stella Aronson, as an importer of costume jewelry.
Before WWII owners traveled to Europe to purchase jewelry from different manufacturers, having their company name imprinted on it.
Most was probably purchased in France.
During WWII they purchased jewelry in the United States.
Information from article in Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry by Nancy Dearing Rossbacher.

CAMCO — see Cathedral Art Metal Co.

CAPRI — CAPRI JEWELRY, INC., 5th Ave., NY, NY c. 1952–1977
Mark:   Capri
Mark:   Capri with copyright mark       Courtesy Vera Battemarco
Qwned by Sol Smith — according to the Spring 1997 issue of VFCJ
Have ads from 1952, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1961, 1965 & 1977

Carence Crafters — 1908
Mark:      Photo courtesy Bonnie ID: bluebarn-maine.
Mark:      Photo courtesy www.chicagosilver .com.
Mark:      Photo courtesy www.chicagosilver .com.
Founded by R. D. Camp, C. D. Greene & J. H. Dunham in Chicago.
Were only in business for a few years.

CARL-ART INC. — Providence, RI 1936 – until at least 1976
Mark:   CA with an arrow going through them – 1937     Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
Mark:   Carl-Art sticker – 1937     Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
Mark:   C. A. with a curved arrow though it.    Photo courtesy Nona Grampp
Mark:   1/20 12K G.F. on Silver, CA with arrow thorugh them.     Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
Mark:   Demilo — 1971
Mark:   S/I within a circle — 1976     US Trademark site
Mark:   Little Angel Gift Sets – 1981    US Trademark site
Founded by Carl Schraysshuen and Arthur Loercher in 1936. They made and sold jewelry under their own name, but also made jewelry for other companies such as Walter Lampl.
Carl died in 1953 and his wife sold his half of the company.
Carl-Art, Inc. merged with Vargas Manufacuting by 1981; UNCAS purchased Vargas and it’s building sometime after 1996.
All Carl-Art marks had expired or were cancelled by 1992
Information courtesy of Cheri Van Hoover, Linda Lange and RCJ.

Carlisle, NYC — 1981 to present
Mark:   Carlisle     Courtesy Deborah Berry.
A company that sells clothes and accessories (including jewelry) “in-home” by consultants.
Founded in 1981 by Bill Rondina.
Info courtesty Robin Deutsch.

Mark:    Hang tag with Carlyle in script  
Photo courtesy Mary Baker; ID rockygems

CARNEGIE, HATTIE 1918– at least 1979
According to WWD, Carnegie issued her first CJ collection in 1939, so none of her marked jewelry is older than that.


Mark:   Carnegie (script)
Mark:   HC in a diamond with an oval frame     Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.   Visit her gallery to see examples.

Mark:   Double Exposure 1948
Mark:   Miss Hattie — April 1958
Mark:   Pooped Pussy Cat 1965
Mark:   Pooped Poodle 1965
Mark:   Hoff-Galant for Hattie Carnegie — Sept. 1966 Vogue
Mark:   Hattie Carnegie    Photo courtesy Laura Libio.
Mark:   Hattie Carnegie     Courtesy Kathy Flood

Mark:   Chrystya Olenska for Hattie Carnegie
Mark:   Hangtag   
Mark:   Metal hangtag is probably c. 1970   

Jules Van Rouge designed for Hattie Carnegie in 1975 — this is according to Cosmopolitan Dec. 1975 issue

Mark:   Yves Saint Laurent for Carnegie — Dec. 1978
Mark:   Anne Klein for Carnegie — 1979
Mark:   Valentino for Hattie Carnegie — 1979
Acquired by Chromolloy American Corp. in 1976
Carnegie name was still being used in 1978–Vogue ad
Hattie Carnegie died in 1956.
Visit this site dedicated to Hattie Carnegie.

Carole, Inc.

  Mark: Carole, Inc. — 1962    Photo courtesy eclecticgramma

  • Dates: 1958 – present
  • Founded: Norman Goldbach
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Notes: Carole Accessories and Carole, Inc. are the same company.
  • Notes: Thanks to Christie Romero for this information.

Carol Dauplaise –see Dauplaise

Carol Henry — see Henry, Carol

CAROLEE — 1972 — present
Mark:   Carolee     Courtesy RCJ,    Photo courtesy Robin Deutsch
Founded by Carolee Friedlander in 1972.
Purchased by Retail Brand Alliance in 2001.

Caroline Ballou — see Ballou, Caroline

Cassandra — see CASTLECLIFF

CASSELL, BURT — Providence, RI — 1953
Mark:   Burt Cassell     Courtesy eclecticgramma

CASSINI, OLEG — c. May 1965
Mark:   Oleg Cassini     Courtesy Lilly Vittetow

Have ads from 1964 & 1965

CASTLECLIFF Co., Inc. of NY c. 1918-1977
Mark:   Castlecliff     
Mark:   Castlecliff Sterling     Photo courtesy Jennifer from Jennifer Lynn’s Timeless Jewelry.
Mark:   Cassandra 1957
Mark:   Castlemark — have ads from 1948, 1952    Photo courtesy MJ DeCourley.
Mark:   Anne klein for Castlecliff — 1977
Founded in 1918 by Clifford Furst & Joseph Bobley; Furst died in 1958.
Began marking their jewelry in 1941 after a court battle with Brier MFG. Co. over design patents.
Castlecliff manufactured their own jewelry.
Jeweler’s Circular lists Castlecliff in 1977 as part of the Carnegie Industries Co.
Late 1980’s company was taken over by Lucien Piccard Industries which included Pierre Cardin.

Castlecraft Jewelry — Greencastle, IN
Mark:   Castlecraft      Courtesy Linda Lange

Founded by Charlie Ellis.
See Hillcraft Jewelry.

Castlemark — see CASTLECLIFF

CATAMORE JEWELRY CO., INC., — Christopher & Phyllis Catanzaro, East Providence, RI– c. 1942-1981
Mark:   Catamore.     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.

Mark:   John Grant Designs — June 1970
Catamore purchased by Johnson Mathy LTD, a British metals supplier in 1981
Still listed as Catamore Co. in 1988
Ads seen for 1947 and 1963.

Cathe –CATHE JEWELS, INC., Torrence, Ca. — June 1961
Mark:   Cathe     Courtesy RCJ

Cathedral Art Metal Co., Providence, RI — 1920 to present (2/07)
Mark:   © CAMCO — first used 1930    Courtesy Karen Magill.

CAVINESS, ALICE — c. 1945 — out of business
Mark:   Alice Caviness     Photo courtesy of Gail Gupton.     Photo courtesy Luda Tovey.

Mark:   Alice Caviness Sterling Germany    
Mark:   “A.C., 1/20 12K G.F.” *     Courtesy Tammy Anderson    Courtesy Denise Brownfield
Mark:   Alice Caviness 1/20 12K G.F.
  Photo courtesy Jennifer of Jennifer Lynn’s Timeless Jewelry .
Mark:   Alice Caviness Sterling      Photo courtesy Ann Robinson – ID: 9am.

Not all Alice Caviness jewelry was signed. *
Gold filled & sterling silver had an “A.C.” engraved somewhere on the pieces, including on the end rings or spring rings, and had a name string tag.

* Info provided to Cathy Gordon by Millie Petronzio, current head designer at Haskell who worked at Caviness for 25 years.
Caviness died in 1983

C.D. Peacock — see Peacock

Ceil Chapman c.1950’s
Mark:   ©Ceil Chapman      Courtesy Kathryn of .
High fashion designer c. 1950’s, whose name was evidently used on some cosutme jewelry pieces. This mark was found on a brooch.


CELEBRITY — 34th Street in Brooklyn, NY — c. 1971
Mark:   Celebrity     Photo courtesy Jo-Ann Sturko.

Mark:   Celebrity     Photo courtesy David Pritchett.
Mark:   Celebrity ®
Mark:   Celebrity, NY on an oval plaque  
Mark:   Celebrity with a copyright mark
Some pieces of jewelry were only marked with a hangtag.
Celebrity was sold through a home party plan.
Have an ad from 1971

Celia Sebiri — see Sebiri, Celia

Cellini, Inc. — Warwick, RI — 1961 to present
Mark:   Cellini in script on a slant –from US Trademark site     Courtesy RCJ
This mark was originally registered by Coro in 1954, but was first used by them in 1942.
It is now owned by Cellini, Inc. and was last renewed in 2004.

Cellini — see Automatic Gold Chain Co.

CELLINI, INC., 5th Ave., NY, NY
Mark:   Cellini
Their 1978 ad says “Jewelry By Precious Metal Craftsmen” and is for Sterling with 18k gold electroplate.

Mark:   We’re not sure which company used these marks:     Courtesy Margot Walbourne       Block letters  Courtesy Manon Kavesky

Cellini’s — Florence, IT
Mark:   Cellini’s Silver 800 Florence      Courtesy Manon Kavesky

Cerrito Jewelry Limited Inc. — Johnston RI; 1977 — present (7/05)
Mark:   Cerrito

CHANEL — 1914-1939, 1954-present
  Photo courtesy Erik Yang.
1981 signature    
Most early, some later pieces unmarked

Mark:   “Chanel” in script.
Not related to Maison “COCO” Chanel in Paris (see Reinad)

Charade — see Trifari

CHAREL JEWELRY CO., INC., Brooklyn, NY — July 1945
Mark:   Charel    Photo courtesy Victoria James
See “Copyright” on the “C” page for more information.

Charles Armour c 1924 – ?
Mark:        Courtesy Lisa Riccardi
Clothing manufacturer with his own jewelry line.

Charles Rothman Co.; c. 1950’s – c. 1900’s – Providence, RI
Mark:   Karen Lynne Key Quality 1954; 1st renewal 1976, now dead   
Mark:   K.L and gold filled mark
Mark:   Karen Lynne and gold filled mark on foil hangtag
Mark:   Clifford Sterling – 1983; cnacelled 1991   

Charlin, Oscar
Mark:   Oscar Charlin.
DeLizza & Elster did a lot of their designing and manufacturing.

Chatani Pearls LTD. by Haskell
This is not a mark of the Miriam Haskell company.

Chiffon — see MARVELLA

Chech — see Czechoslovakia

Checho — see Czechoslovakia

Checho Slov — see Czechoslovakia

Chico’s – 1983 to present
Mark:        Courtesy Sande Kattau
No sure when they started their line of jewelry.

Have ad June 1966

CHRISTIAN DIOR — see Dior, Christian

Christian Lacroix — see Lacroix

Christina — contemporary made in China

Chusmir and Goldenberg Mfg. Co., Providence, RI; 1920 – mid 1950’s
Manufacturers of white metal, white stone jewelry, rhinestone jewelry, novelties. (Rainwater)
Listed in a 1920 state of RI factory inspection report.
Founded by Morris Chusmir.

Chuven, Murry– Newark NJ — c. 1950
Mark:     “MC”

Ciani, Inc. Corporation – NY, NY
Mark:   Ciani- first used on jewelry 1976    US Trademark site
Mark:   Ciani 14K Sterling     Courtesy Maida Webster
Mark:   Ciani within oval – 1976    US Trademark site

Ciani – see Monet

Cilca Paris
  Photo courtesy Erik Yang.

Mark:   Ciner  
Mark:   Ciner with ®  
Mark:   First used in commerce 1892, filed in 1949; 3rd renewal 2009; live     Courtesy RCJ

Mark:   Ciner ©         Photo courtesy Laura Libio.

Mark:   Ciner Sterling     Photo courtesy Jennifer of Jennifer Lynn’s Timeless Jewelry.
Mark:        Courtesy RCJ — MC inside a large, elongated “C”pointed at the top and bottom (seen in 1934 Jewelry Trade Mark Book)
Mark:   Madame Butterfly – used only on rings – Jewelers Circular Publishing Company, 1922
Mark:   The Love Knot – used only on rings Jewelers Circular Publishing Company, 1922
Mark:   The Princess – used only on rings Jewelers Circular Publishing Company, 1922
Mark:   The Minerva
Mark:   Mayfair — used only on rings — seen in 1934 Jewelry Trade Mark book.
Mark:     Courtesy RCJ – filed 1993; cancelled 2005
Founded in 1892 by Emanuel Ciner
Currently owned by members of the Ciner family: Pat Ciner Hill.

CINERAMA — Cranston, R.I. — 1966 — present (3/06)
Ralph Rafaelian, President.

CINI 1922-1979, 1993-present (Chee-nee)
Guglielmo Cini designer jewelry from 1922 until his death in 1979.
Guglielmo Cini, Cini Sterling     Photo courtesy Alison’s Antiques & Vintage Jewelry on Ruby Lane

Mark:         Courtesy Elaine Fontes
Mark:   G. Cini Sterling     Courtesy Margot Walbourne
His granddaughters Amy & Molly have a contemporary Cini business where they sell vintage Cini piece and re-casts of original designs.

Mark:   GOLDETTE NY ©– Oct. 1958      Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
Mark:   ©Goldette     Courtesy Linda Lange

Mark:   ©Goldette      Courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
Mark:   Goldette ®     Courtesy RCJ

Owned by Ben Gartner

CIRO PEARLS LTD., 1917 until present, London, England
Mark:   Ciro inside a scalloped cartouche — Sept. 1916 according to Dolan; but the company website gives 1917 date as when founded.
Mark:   Ciro — block print — May 1917
Mark:   CP England        Courtesy Mary Walden_Till
Mark:   Ciro 9ct England – notice octagon shaped screwback; unsigned earrings have been found in original Ciro presentation boxes    Courtesy ID the_lady_of_silver

Began selling costume jewelry in Canada in 1921, until 1989
In 1994 the UK business went into receivership and was bought by John Shannon.

“Ciro Jewelry”, CIRO OF BOND STREET, INC., NY, NY (same company as above — opened in 1938 in NY)
Mark:   Ciro – typed print 1938

Mark:   Ciro — script — first used in 1938     Courtesy RCJ
Mark:   Cirolite — first used in 1970
Mark:   Ciro with a crown over the “C”     Courtesy Cheri Van Hoover
Mark:   Ciro signature plate over a Swoboda signature. Swoboda manufactured some jewelry for Ciro.    Courtesy Robin Miller
Mark:   Burma 1990
Mark:   Ciro with a crown inside the “O” – 1993; mark may have never been used     Courtesy RCJ
Edcar & Associates of New York is the exclusive global licensee ”Ciro Jewelry” , except for Western Europe.

CIS — Countess Cis Zoltowska
Mark:   Stamped “CIS” under a crown     Photo courtesy Lee Kalmus.
Mark:   Cis of Paris
Mark:   Countess Zoltowska
Mark:   Hand painted “Cis”
Mark:   Hand painted “Cis” with a crown
Mark:   Stamped “Cis”
Mark:   Ink signature “Cis”
Mark:   “Z” under a crown     Courtesy Erik Yang

Cissy began hand-making making jewelry in the 1940’s.
The Countess died June, 2004.

Claiborne, Liz — contemporary company est. 1976
Mark:   ©Liz Clairborne, Inc.
  Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
Mark:   LCi inside a triangle.
  Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
Mark:   LC in script     Photo courtesy Jennifer from Jennifer Lynn’s Timeless Jewelry.

Monet Group, which includes Trifari and Marvella was bought by Liz Claiborne in July 2000 and moved out of the country

Claire Deve — see Deve, Claire

Clara Studio, Inc — 1979 — Long Island, NY
Mark:   Clara Studio     Courtesy Carol Hearn
Mark:   Asymmetry – early 1990’s
Founded by Clara Kasavina-Berger

Clark & Coombs 1872-present; Providence, RI
Mark:   C & C, with C’s in triangles; 1st use 1923; cancelled in 1988.   
Founded in 1862 or 1872 in North Attleboro, MA, by William Clark, JR. & ? Coombs; moved to NYC and then to RI.

Claudette — see PREMIER JEWELRY CO., INC., NY, NY — Dec. 1945-?

Clifford Sterling – see Charles Rothman Co.

Clift – Jim Clift Design -contemporary – Coventry, Rhode Island
Mark:   Clift Pewter     Courtesy Lilly Vittetow
Founded by Jim Clift – contemporary designer in pewter


Cloisart — see Klitzner Industries, Inc.

Co-Star — see W&H Jewelry

COLE, DIONNE — DIONNE COLE, INC., 5th Ave., NY, NY — early 1970’s to late 1970’s
Mark:   Dionne Cole — engraved
Mark:   DIONNE COLE in print on paper tags adhered inside bracelets.

Handmade pieces of german silver and copper.
Advertised in major fashion magazines and sold through major department stores.
At the end of the 1970’s stopped making costume and began making precious jewelry into the 1990’s.
Information graciously given to Dotty Stringfield by Dionne Cole 3/13/06.

Have ad from 1946 — 24K goldplate on Sterling

COLLETTE c. 1959
Coral beads

Collins, Jeep – see Jeep Collins

Leather jewelry.

Comet — see SWAROWSKI

Comstock Creations; Duango, CO – 1982 to present
Mark:   Comstock, CCI©
  Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers
Founded by Don Muchow

Continental Jewellery, Inc.; 1943-1997; Montreal, Canada
Mark:   Continental   Photo courtesy Jo-Ann Sturko.
Founded by Sam Baker and Sol Mayoff
Sold to an Asian company in 1997.
Information courtesy Nancy Bohm.

Copperwood — see RENOIR

Coppolae e Toppo c.1949 — 1986
Mark:   Coppola e Toppo     Photo courtesy Luda Tovey.

Founded by Lyda Coppola Toppo in 1946 in Milan, Italy.
She died in 1972, but the firm didn’t close until 1986.

Copyright Mark ©
In 1947 the U.S. Congress expanded copyright laws to include illustrations of merchandise and designs for art works.   In 1955 a Federal judge ruled that costume jewelry designs were “works of art”, and therefore should be accorded the protection of the US copyright laws (based on lawsuit that Trifari won against Charel in 1955).    Most costume jewelry having the copyright mark was made after 1955.   However, there were exceptions — some companies, such as Coro, may have been using this mark as early as 1947; and some jewelry marked Korda   (made in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s just prior to WWII).    The copyright mark found on Korda items protect the movies which inspired the designs–in other words, the copyright protects the movie and not the jewelry designs.

Cordell Jewelry Mfg. Co. — Providence, RI– 1960 – 1964?
Mark:   Cordina
Info provided by Sammie.

Cordina — see Cordell Jewlery

Mark:   Corel — registered in 1971 by Richton who owned Coro — see Coro
Mark:   © Corel     Courtesy Mary Nefzger

Coronado — see UNCAS

Correani, Ugo — Italy
Mark:         Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
Mark:         Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.

Corsini — see UNCAS

Court Jester — see CORO

COVENTRY, SARAH — 1949- c. 1984; 2000 – 10/08
Mark:   “SC” used after 1953
Mark:   Sarah Cov. with © preceding the name    Photo courtesy Pam Brooks.
Mark:   Sarah in a diamond shape ©
Mark:   Sarah in upper case block letters with ©  
Mark:   Sarah Cov on a diamond shaped hangtag late 1950’s — around 1980 — used more on delicate chains and beads  
Mark:   Sarah Cov / SC on mirror shaped hangtag with ©, 1960’s & 1970’s, for pendant chains.    
Mark:   Sarah coventry with © –known to be used during 1970’s.  

Mark:   Sarah in upper case block letters without the ©
Mark:   SaC    abbreviation for Sarah Coventry; not Sarah Ann Coventry–her real name is Sarah Coventry Beale.  Photo & info courtesy Debbie Robinson.

Mark:   sarah cov
Mark:   ©COVENTRY     RCJ
Mark:   “Canada, ©Sarah” and the hangtag shown — 1970’s    RCJ
Mark:    Sarah Cov.     Courtesy justabunchawildflowers

Mark:   Sarahglo — Jan. 1961–used on jewelry cards and boxes.
Mark:   Sarahsheen — Jan. 1961 –used on jewelry cards and boxes.
Mark:   LC — first used March 1965 only on the jewelry boxes, not on the jewelry.
Mark:   Lady Coventry — March 1965 –used on jewelry cards and boxes.     Courtesy RCJ
Mark:   Lord Coventry –used on jewelry cards and boxes.
Box from Fashion Parade line courtesy Dinah Taylor

Sarah Coventry made sterling flower of the month pins in the late 1960’s: carnation, violet, daisy, daffodil, lily of the valley, rose, lily, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, aster, calendula, and poinsettia.

Watches were sold in inexpensive stores during the 1980’s and 1990’s.
Founded by Charles H. Stuart in Newark, NY
Dorothy Rainwater states that Stuart filed for bankruptcy in March 1981, home parties ended in 1984.
The Sarah Coventry name was bought by Lifestyle Brands, Ltd. in 1987. They tried home parties in 1994, but the venture only lasted
about 6 months. In 2002, they had jewelry that was exclusively sold through Home Shopping Network (HSN).
2003 — Sarah Coventry started selling through a home party plan (current as of 7/04)
Much information and most photos courtesy of Debbie Robinson.  Sarah Conventry Jewelry

Cradle Craft — see VARGAS

Craft — see GEM-CRAFT Corp.

Craftmere — Ansul-Craft, Ltd.; Providence, RI; 1963 — ?
Mark:   Craftmere – first used in 1963     Courtesy Linda Lange

Craftsman — see GEM-CRAFT Corp.

CRCo — see Reis Co.

Creazioni Raffaello, Inc. — Puerto Rico
Mark:   Raffaello with Creazioni above and Italy below — first used 1972.      Courtesy Plenty O’[email protected]

Crest Craft Inc. – Cincinnati, OH – 1945 to present
Make jewelry for awards & recognition.

CRISLU — 1961 –present
Mark:   CRISLU  

Started in 1961 by Lloyd Crisfield, who is currently the CEO.
Jewelry is sold in high end department stores and boutiques, and includes sterling, “estate” type and contemporary jewelry.
Info courtesy of Cheri Van Hoover & Robin Deutsch; photo by Cheri Van Hoover.

Crosby — A. Cohen & Sons Corp., NY
Mark:   Crosby — 1937   Courtesy Plenty O’ Jewels.

Crystal Magic — see Royal Bead

Crystal Brands

  “M”    Photo courtesy RCJ

  • Mark: Surgiclad — 1979
  • Mark: Look Of The Real — 1985
  • Mark: M — 1986
  • Mark: Objects D’Heart — 1989
  • Mark: The Beautiful endures — 1990
  • Dates: In 1985 was divested from General Mills
  • Location: Southport, CT
  • Notes: Purchased by Chase Capital Partners in 1994
  • Notes: see Trifari for more information

Crystogem — see UNCAS

Curtman (Curtis Creations); Providence, RI; 1936– see Uncas
Mark:   A hand holding a ball with “C.C.” on it.

Curtis Jewelry Manufacturing Co., Inc.– Providence, RI
Mark:        first used 1950   Photo courtesy Linda Lange.
Made sterling and gold filled jewelry.

Curvo-gram — see Anson

Czech — see Czechoslovakia

Czecho — see Czechoslovakia

Czechoslovakia — many marks used
Mark:   Czechoslovakia     Courtesy Deb Schneider
Mark:   Made In Czechoslovakia     Courtesy Cynthia Fore Miller     Courtesy Cat Thompson
Mark:   Czecho   
Mark:   Czecho Slov   
Mark:   Made in CzechoSlov.     Courtesy Brenda Forman

Mark:   Tchechoslovakia

Mark:   Tczechoslovakia

Mark:   Importe’ de Tschecoslovaquie — on items imported to France

Mark:   Slov 12K     Courtesy Carolyn Sunday

Czechoslovakia was formed in 1918. The jewelry industry was most active from then until 1939 when exports were stopped by the Germans. Czechoslovakia was separted into 2 countries 1/1/93 — The Czech Reputlic and The Republic of Slovakia.
Read an article on Czech Saphitet Glass by Diane DeMango.


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AMERICAN COSTUME JEWELRY by Carla and Roberto Brunialti
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