CCJCI PRESENTS: “Bubble, Bauble Heirloom” Bead Necklace with Kim DeWitt Paff

We are excited to announce Kim DeWitt Paff (read more about this talented artist below) will be hosting a jewelry making class at CJCI Convention 2017 this October. The class will be held Friday morning, Oct. 20, before the official start of the convention from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The class will be limited to 15 persons.

Bubble, Bauble, Heirloom Bead Necklace CJCI Class by Kim Dewitt Paff

Chanel necklaces like these are Kim’s inspiration for this class.

In this class you will be making a Bubble, Bauble, Heirloom bead necklace like the ones shown below. The class fee will cover materials and instructions for a Big Bubble Pearl and bead necklace, earrings and bracelet. This can be personalized to your taste with beads that will be available and items brought with you to create a special design. These necklaces were inspired by the famous Chanel Pearl Bubble necklaces of a few seasons ago as shown at left.

You will need to bring: a pair of pliers (needle nose are best), some costume jewelry to take apart (along with any extras you can bring to share with the group), decorative buttons, new and vintage beads, baubles, etc. to mix with components provided by Kim. Consider color, texture, theme, size of beads and baubles. Bigger beads work well, rhinestone buttons, etc.

Suggestions for materials: Old strings of beads-glass, plastic, metal, corks, sea glass, etc ; rhinestone jewelry or earrings ~old rhinestone earrings are a great base for your newly created earrings, old broken watches, nuts and bolts, charms, brooches, lockets, etc. Bring anything that you like and have lying around for your own creation as well as to share or trade with others.

Class Fee is $60. Contact Kim directly at or call 352-238-4933 to reserve your spot in the class before sending in payment.

Your payment ($60 via check/money order/Paypal Payment) will complete your reservation for this CJCI-exclusive three-hour PRIVATE JEWELRY MAKING WORKSHOP to be held Oct. 20 at the Radisson Hotel Providence Airport, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., which includes supplies described above and private instruction by Kim DeWitt Paff. Open to registered attendees only.

To download a registration form for Kim’s class click here.

Bubble, Bauble, Heirloom Bead Necklace CJCI Class by Kim Dewitt Paff

Bubble, Bauble, Heirloom necklaces like those made in prior classes with Kim.

More about Kim:

Kim DeWitt Paff is a designer, collector, and artist. She has a degree in Fine Art in Jewelry Construction and Art Pottery. Kim has been designing jewelry and collecting vintage costume jewelry for almost 50 years. She currently teaches art and private classes in her studio as well as operating an online vintage costume jewelry store,

Kim is a nationally known collector, having lectured previously at a Costume Jewelry Collectors International convention on collecting Bakelite jewelry. She has also been a guest speaker at Antique Jewelry Symposium (more commonly known as Jewelry Camp) in New York.

Kim’s private jewelry collection is featured in numerous books, including the Inside the Jewelry Box series and Juliana Jewelry Reference , both by Ann M. Pitman.