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Attending a CJCI Convention: A First-Timer’s Perspective

by Kathryn Drury Wagner – Exclusively for CJCI An inside view of the year’s

Vintage Jewelry Association Club Meeting Winter 2010

West Palm Beach Antiques Festival 2010

A Mother’s Legacy Lives On by Linda Lombardo

Back in 1988, I was married with a 7 year-old son making my way

Jewelry as Art: The Hollycraft Christmas Brooch Collection

Many times the artist’s renderings of costume jewelry are just as lovely as the

Jewelry as Art Selections from The Thomas Portzline Collection Photography by Carolyn Louise Newhouse

Best Friends Forever or BFF If You’re Into Texting Linda Lombardo

BFF. That’s what Miranda writes as she and her mother, Jo, sit at the

Great Lakes Mini-Convention Report

The Great Lakes Glitzy Girl Friends held its Vintage Fashion Jewelry Convention in St.