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Costume Jewelry Collectors Bazaar
Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l Bazaar

Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l is now offering an online venue to sell through the Facebook platform. The purpose of this site is to provide a buying and selling opportunity for CJCI group members and others on our CJCI mailing list who would like to participate.

Only vintage and collectible costume jewelry is allowed. Acceptable cContemporary collectible jewelry includes pieces crafted by recognized collectible jewelry artisans who participate in the CJCI community and/or events, along with couture brand jewelry that is produced in limited quantities and originally sold by high-end retailers. No mass-produced jewelry or counterfeited couture jewelry is allowed. Those posts will be promptly deleted and the     poster will not be notified.

To read the complete Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l Bazaar guidelines please click here.

How to participate:

All participants must sign up for access to the CJCI Bazaar through the Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l website. Your request to join the CJCI Bazaar on Facebook will be approved as soon as possible, usually within two business days from the time of your submission.

From time to time you may receive emails from CJCI regarding matters related to the selling venue or news regarding Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l, including our yearly conventions. You must remain on our mailing list to participate in the CJCI Bazaar. Any individual who unsubscribes to said notifications, will be removed from the selling group.

By signing up for the CJCI Bazaar, group members acknowledge that they have read and agreed to the guidelines located at

To buy and sell in the CJCI Bazaar, please fill out the form below using the email address associated with your FACEBOOK account (the address you log in with NOT the Facebook generated email).

Enter email address to the left of the words "Sign Up" and press enter.