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Coro Jewelry History and Marks



Coro jewelry, Cohn & Rosenberger, was founded in New York by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger in 1901/1902 and incorporated in 1913. A factory was established in Providence, Rhode Island in 1911. With offices or plants in New York and Providence, at times they had a presence in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, England and Mexico as well. Great Britain mechanical patents have been found in the name of Corocraft from 1961 until 1969, which documents actual production in England (courtesy Mary Walden-Till).


Cohn died in 1910, but the name remained Cohn & Rosenberger. The corporate name “Coro” was adopted in 1943. Rosenberger died in 1957, and his son Gerald, who succeeded him, died in 1967.


In 1969, the family sold 51 percent of the Coro stock to Richton, Intl. Corp., who bought the remaining stock in 1970. Richton also owned the Oscar de la Renta brand. By 1979 all the Coro companies, except the Canadian company, were bankrupt. It was sold to a South American company in 1992 and also went bankrupt.


Gene Verri, who died in 2012, was the head designer and personally responsible for many, many of Coro’s famous designs. Adolph Katz signed many of the patents only as a representative of the company, but he was not the designer of those pieces. Information confirmed by Ron Verri, Gene’s son, in September, 2005.


Designers for Coro according to Brunialti:
Gene Verrecchia [Verri] –1933 to the end of the 1963 (He and his son Ron founded Gem-Craft, which is still in business as of 2019).
Charles E. Pauzat–1939-1940’s
Oscar Frank Placco –1934-1945?
Robert Geissman–1938
Sidney Pearl–1941
Carol McDonald–1940
Lester Gaba–1941
Marion Weeber –1940-1941
Victor di Mezza–1950


**According to Jim Katz, the first instance of Coro necklaces using a J hook is July 15, 1948 as noted in patent record research.


Coro manufactured most of their own jewelry. However, when needed, they would have other companies make some of their jewelry. Hedison manufactured some jewelry for Coro. Catamore manufactured all Coro’s “precious metal” jewelry, until about 1970 when Coro started making their own.



Mark:   C and R     Courtesy Dianne Lavenburg (from 1922 TradeMarks of the Jewelry and Kindred Trades — Jewelers’ Circular)

Mark:   flying horse-Pegasus- mark used alone-no name 1939
Mark:   47 West 1965      Courtesy Plenty O’ Jewels.
Mark:   A Coro Original — script 1947

Mark:   Ajusta 1948
Mark:   Alice-In-Wonderland Dec. 1933
Mark:   Almanac of Life 1954
Mark:   Americana 1936   
Mark:   Ancestral 1930
Mark:   Andre’ 1937
Mark:   Andre’ hair fashions 1937
Mark:   ANDREE RUPERT JEWELRY (on fancy barbell) 1937

Mark:   Arista 1954
Mark:   Aristocrat 1950
Mark:   As you Like It 1939
Mark:   Atomic 1945

Mark:   Black Beauty 1946
Mark:   Blithe Blossum 1956
Mark:   Blue Danube 1929
Mark:   Calypso 1957

Mark:   Carraca 1940
Mark:   Cellini(script) 1942     Courtesy RCJ from US Trademark site
Mark:   Charmers 1959
Mark:   Chatter Pins 1948

Mark:   Cherubin 1956
Mark:   Chruchill Downs 1960
Mark:   Cleopatra 1959

Mark:   Clip-Ease 1941
Mark:   Clouddrift `950

Mark:   Cocktail Set 1947
Mark:   Collegiate 1940
Mark:   Color a la Carte 1959
Mark:   Colorama 1954
Mark:   Colossus of Rhodes, Greese, Coro     Courtesy Penny Whitlow

Mark:   Constellation 1946
Mark:   Contessa 1952
Mark:   Coquette 1948
Mark:   Corel 1971     Courtesy RCJ

Mark:   Coro hangtag     Courtesy Linda Heberling

Mark:   Coro(script at angle) 1919
Mark:   Pegasus figure 1939

Mark:   Pegasus figure beside empty rectangle 1945
Mark:   Coro with “R” inside a square     Courtesy Terri Carl

Mark:   Coro-script-no angle-different font 1919     Photo courtesy Di Kemp.

Mark:   Coro, Des. Pat. Pend.     Courtesy RCJ

Mark:   Foil tag        Courtesy Lyn Peightal

Mark:   Coro (scrip at angle in rectangle with Pegasus beside) 1945          Photo courtesy .
Mark:   After 1955   ,     Courtesy Mike Friedrich

Mark:   Coro – heavier Script at angle — 1940       
Mark:   CORO, Inc.–photo by Cindy Amirkhan  
Mark:   April Daisy, White Sapphire, Coro – pre-1955    Courtesy JC Burr

Mark:   CORO-CLAD 1965

Mark:   Coro CRAFT (Coro- script, CRAFT- printed; in rectangle     Courtesy Gayla Esch

Mark:   Coro CRAFT (Coro- script, CRAFT- printed; in rectangle, Pegasus beside) 1938
Mark:   Corocraft(script at angle in rectangle with Pegasus beside) 1933–1979; [sterling prior to 1950]
Mark:   Coro Craft-both in script-tall script 1935

Mark:   Corocraft (in script), Pat. Pend; c. 1954    Courtesy Diane Hanselman
Mark:   Corocraft (in script), Des. Pat. Pend.   Courtesy Mary Ann Docktor-Smith

Mark:   Corocraft in script          Courtesy Evelyn Phillips     Courtesy Erik Yang
Mark:   CoroCraft Sterling with flying Pegasus     Courtesy Beth Rowlands.       Courtesy Simply Sharon.

Mark:   Coro Craft Sterling – early to mid 1940’s     Courtesy Sande Kattau

Coro-Craft Sterling bag     Larger view  Courtesy Frances Rosenau

Mark:   Coro Craft Sterling      Photo courtesy ID: duplicated – Patti Matijevich.

Mark:   Coro Creations by Francois 1937
Mark:   Coro Duette      Courtesy ID: duplicated – Patti Matijevich.

Mark:   Coro Duette      Courtesy justabunchofwildflowers.

Mark:   Coro Duette       Pat. No. 1798867    Photos courtesy Gayla Esch.

Mark:   Coro Elegante-different font 1944

Mark:   Coro Fashion Watches 1958 (first “o” has a watch face)
Mark:   CORO-KLAD 1965

Mark:   Coro(script) Radiance (all on square tag) 1932
Mark:   Coro Silvo     Courtesy Jan Cox

Mark:   Coro Supreme-script-different font –1943
Mark:   Coro-Teens 1940
Mark:   Hand-Made by Coro, STERLING CRAFT (on ends of bar-bell looking mark) –1941
Mark:   Corochrome –1957
Mark:   Corograms–1922

Mark:   Corolite (in a circle) 1923
Mark:   Corolite     Courtesy BeeGee McBride
Mark:   Coro Magic -script 1960
Mark:   Coro Mexico — 1943 — 1950 Coro contracted Taller Borda Silversmiths, owned by Hector Aquilar     Photo courtesy Susan at Eureka.

Mark:   Coro MEX Silver    Courtesy Debra Rothpan

Mark:   CORONATION 1965

Mark:   Coro Originals(delicate script) 1947
Mark:   Coro Silver in circle shape with MEX inside.   Info courtesy Arnie V.

Mark:   Coro Sterling – (Coro script, Sterling block print)   
Mark:   Coro Sterling   

Mark:   Coro Sterling – (Coro script, Sterling block print)     Courtesy Jim Katz

Mark:   Coro Ster.     Photo courtesy Jim Katz.

Mark:   Coro Teens      Courtesy Gloria Barnhart

Mark:   Coroteens-script 1951    Larger view   Photo courtesy Simply Sharon.

Mark:   Corotots — script at an angle 1941
Mark:   Court Jester 1955
Mark:   Crowing Glory script with crowa a-top the “C” & “G” 1965
Mark:   CZARINA 1950

Mark:   Daily Double 1951
Mark:   Day and Night 1940
Mark:   Debutante(italics) 1935
Mark:   Debutante 1935
Mark:   Deamboat (script) 1959
Mark:   Duette 1929

Mark:   Ear Charmers 1956
Mark:   Electra Trisemble 1931
Mark:   Elegante’ script 1948

Mark:   Elite(script) 1948
Mark:   EMPRESS EUGENIE(straight print-other companies also used variation of this) 1930
Mark:   Fashion Flair(script) 1957
Mark:   Fashion Square 1931
Mark:   Fashionata(script) 1960

Mark:   Fire Bird 1963
Mark:   FLUID LOOK 1959
Mark:   FLUTTERBYS 1963

Mark:   for that priceless look 1944
Mark:   Francois(script) 1937 – c. 1960     Photo courtesy David Pritchett.
Mark:   Futura 1953
Mark:   Futurama 1953
Mark:   Galaxy 1949

Mark:   Giftpak 1953
Mark:   Glamor 1940
Mark:   Glamour(script) 1941; renewed in 1976, now dead     Courtesy RCJ
Mark:   Glamour Magic         Larger view

Mark:   Glamourcraft (script) 1958
Mark:   Glitter Bobs(script) 1956
Mark:   Golden Rod script 1926

Mark:   Grandeur (script) 1950
Mark:   GROTTO BLUE 1926
Mark:   Harlequin 1928

Mark:   Hi Jinks by Coro( on a bar-bell-like mark) 1940
Mark:   Imperial Bouquet 1931
Mark:   Jewelcraft 1920; mark now owned by Gem-Craft     Courtesy Annekins Quick
Mark:   Jewelcraft(at angle) 1920; was still being used during the 1950’s with Pegasus
Mark:   Jewelcraft England was still being used during the 1950’s with Pegasus     Courtesy Fred Pell

Mark:   Jewelfully Yours 1947
Mark:   Jewels by Francois (Francois in script) 1937

Mark:   Jingle Jangle 1958
Mark:   Jingle Rings 1958
Mark:   La Belle 1963
Mark:   Liberty 1934

Mark:   Lovable (script) 1057
Mark:   Love-Link 1934

Mark:   Love Locket 1953
Mark:   Lucky Buck (script) 1959
Mark:   Lustralite (script) 1950
Mark:   Made in Canada — pieces made in Coro’s Canadian factory were marked such. They were made for Birks, but were probably sold in other major department stores.  Info courtesy Robin Deutsch.  CAUTION – not all pieces marked “Made in Canada” are Coro.

Mark:   Made in Mexico—- Hector Aguilar –1943 to 1950 words inside a circle: around the top     Photo courtesy Luda Tovey.
At the top–“Made In Mexico”, at the bottom–“Silver”, in the middle–“Coro”
Another Made in Mexico     Photo courtesy Connie Gumtow .
Mark:   Magic Eye (script) 1938
Mark:   MAGICLIP straight letters 1950
Mark:   Magi-Clip script 1960     Courtesy Pam Leeds

Mark:   Mah Jongg 1923
Mark:   Maharani Mid-Eastern look print 1935
Mark:   Maharani script 1937

Mark:   MAMIE 1952
Mark:   Mantelet Medieval print 1949

Mark:   Memories of Life (script) 1954
Mark:   Meringue 1942

Mark:   Metalite (script) 1929
Mark:   Millionears script 1949
Mark:   Moonbeam by Coro 1941

Mark:   Moonbeam 1956     Photo courtesy Manon Kavesky
Mark:   Moonrays 1956
Mark:   Music Box 1923
Mark:   Night Owls 1944
Mark:   Norseland 1940’s     Photo courtesy Luda Tovey.     Courtesy Cindy Amirkhan

Mark:   Our Little Darling 1946
Mark:   PADDOCH by Coro ( on a bar-bell) 1941
Mark:   PAINT-BOX 1937

Mark:   Paragon (script) 1946
Mark:   PERSONETTES 1950

Mark:   Pinafore
Mark:   Prestige (script) 1948
Mark:   Queen Bees 1943
Mark:   Quick-Trik
Mark:   Quintette (script) 1938
Mark:   Quivering Camellia (script) 1939
Mark:   Rambling Roses (script) 1944
Mark:   Rapture by Coro (on shield) 1942

Mark:   Raven 1963
Mark:   Regala (script) 1948
Mark:   Romantic 1931
Mark:   Round The Clock 1956
Mark:   SCINTILLA 1933

Mark:   Smart Set (script) 1935
Mark:   Smart Set (block print)      Photo courtesy Judi Bollen.

Mark:   Soda Set (script) (pic of a soda w/straw beside) 1957
Mark:   Softouch (script) 1959
Mark:   Southern Belle (script) 1940
Mark:   Splendor (script) 1948
Mark:   STERLING CRAFT, Hand-Made by Coro (on ends of bar-bell looking mark) –1941

Mark:   Sterling Craft by Coro (inside oval set side-ways, “Sterling Craft” around top, “by Coro” around bottom)     Courtesy Vera Battemarco
Mark:   Sterling S. Coro     Photo courtesy Jim Katz.
Mark:   Stocking Stuffer 1957
Mark:   Styled to Beautify script 1938
Mark:   Sublime (script) 1948
Mark:   SUNBEAM 1927

Mark:   SUN-KISSED 1929

Mark:   Supreme (script) (written at angle) 1948
Mark:   Teen-O-Grams 1958
Mark:   TEMPLE BELLS 1964

Mark:   Tempt Me 1963
Mark:   The Angel of Love 1952
Mark:   The Avenue 1925
Mark:   Thorobreds 1942
Mark:   Tickled Pink (script) written at angle 1958
Mark:   Travelogue 1957
Mark:   Trio Tricks 1951
Mark:   TRIQUETTE 1937
Mark:   TWEEDBEADS 1960

Mark:   Twin Tones 1954
Mark:   Valiant 1948
Mark:   Vanity Fair 1945
Mark:   Vendome 1944 — 1970     Photo courtesy Jo-Ann Sturko.

Mark:   Vendome with copyright, after 1955    
Mark:   H-A©Vendome     Courtesy justabunchofwildflowers

Mark:   Wafer 1935

Mark:   Whirlaway 1949
Mark:   Wood Nymph 1963
Mark:   Worn The Most From Coast to Coast 1940

Mark:   Sterling 12C    Courtesy Joe Weingarten.  Coro was issued this trademark & was required to mark items they made for sale to US Military. This was issued after 1965



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