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About Costume Jewelry Collectors Int'l Bazaar

Costume Jewelry Collectors Int'l Facebook Collectible Jewelry Bazaar

The CJCI Bazaar is an extension of CJCI’s social networking group on Facebook. The same Buyers and Sellers ethics guidelines CJCI event attendees are expected to follow apply to the online selling group as well.

While all transactions should be held to a high standard, CJCI and its principles are not responsible for individual sales transactions. Buyers and sellers assume all risks. All disputes should be handled privately between the interested parties. Any posts about difficulties with transactions in any group related to CJCI will be deleted.

Ethical Standards

As an organization supporting the costume jewelry collecting community, Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l expects high ethical standards from its online participants. In regard to buying and selling, we expect CJCI member sellers to represent their merchandise honestly, disclosing all known flaws, restorations, and information regarding authenticity to the best of their ability.

Buyers are expected follow through with transactions in a timely manner and make good on their promise to pay. Any participant not upholding these ethical standards shall be removed from the group at the discretion of its administrators.

This site is for the selling of vintage and collectible costume jewelry only. Contemporary collectible jewelry includes pieces crafted by recognized collectible jewelry artisans who participate in the CJCI community and/or CJCI events, along with couture brand jewelry that is produced in limited quantities and originally sold by high-end retailers. Although we respect the creativity of our members, this venue is not a site for mass-produced, craft jewelry, or jewelry made by repurposing vintage items. Any posts that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted.

Sellers may post THREE links to vintage and couture brand jewelry they have listed online per day. Once items are sold, the links should be deleted.

For those who don’t have websites or prefer uploading photos, an album may be created to sell individual pieces. Follow these guidelines when selling via albums created in the CJCI Bazaar:

  1. Each seller will create and manage a single photo album to post products for sale. Said album is to be identified by the legal name or legal business name of the person selling.
  2. Members may post Up to three items per day for sale. Additionally, only one picture (per item for sale) will be allowed for each sale posted. You may post a link to other views of the piece in the comments or provide those to potential buyers through private communication.
  3. To give everyone a chance for exposure, you may bump your photo only once per day.
  4. Once a transaction has been completed, please remove said item from your album.
  5. These guidelines may be subject to change. It is the responsibility of each user of this site to periodically review the guidelines or emails sent outlining updates and changes.
User Agreement

By participating in the CJCI Bazaar, hereby known as Costume Jewelry Collectors Int'l Bazaar (, users acknowledge and agree to the terms above. Violations of the above usage agreement can result in removal from the selling group.