Vintage Clip-mates, Duettes, Dress Clips and Fur Clips and Double-prong Clips

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Dress clips were popular from the late 1920’s through the 1950’s, with double prong (fur) clips being used as early as 1928 (Cartier by Judy Rudoe).    Pairs of dress clips and fur clips were mounted in removable pinback frames to be worn together as a single brooch and were called “clip-pins”.    Many companies and designers made their own versions, with some being patented and others not.    A few were: Coro, Trifari, Polcini, Eisenberg, Haskell, Leo Glass, Calvaire, Fred Block, Mazer, Boucher, Reinad, Nettie Rosenstein, Hattie Carnegie, Deja, Reja, Staret, Vogue.


This dress clip gallery was assembled as an educational tool, not just a place for pretty pictures.    Therefore, a number of the dress clips and fur clips have darkened or missing stones, or other damage.


Some pictures are not the best quality, being pulled from our archives.   Any un-attributed images are property of  CJCI for RCJ Jewelry, Pat Seal  Treasures From Yesterday,   or Mary Walden-Till.  Thanks to Mary Walden-Till and Robin Deutsch for their valuable research. 


Some things to note:

*    Coro Duette was introduced in 1935, based on Candas patent (Brunialti).

*    The mark “Trifari” was used on all jewelry after Dec. 1937, so some early Clip-mates may only have the patent number (VFCJ article).
*    Not all pairs of dress clips and double-prong clips once had removeable pinback frames.
*    There were dress clips and double-prong clips made as singles.
*    Many pieces were unsigned and it is almost impossible to discover the manufacturer.
*    Fur clip style findings are used on heavier pieces of jewelry today (Robin Deutsch).
*    The findings most of us call “fur clips” were originally called double-pronged clips or pin clips

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British or European Double Clips??   
Other Frame Clips   
Double Pins   
Mystery Clip

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Dress Clips   
Double-prong Clips (Fur)

Dress Clips Construction & Patents

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Coro Duettes    —    Click on pictures for larger image.

Coro Peacocks Duette
Fur Clips 1946

Marked Sterling CoroCraft

Coro Lotus Duette


Coro Lotus 1/2 Duette

Unsigned Coro

Signed Coro Duette
Courtesy Gayla Esch

Coro Triquette
Courtesy ID: duplicated; Patti Matijevich

Signed CoroCraft Sterling
and Coro Duette

Coro Love Birds Duette


1941 Love Birds Ad
Glamour magazine
Courtesy Kevin Van Dyke

Coro Duette
Courtesy Pam Kirch


Coro Duette


Coro Duette


  Courtesy ID: dmb1031.


Deco style duette
Courtesy Dinah Taylor

Marked: 1798867
Coro Duette

CoroCraft Sterling Fur Clip
1/2 of Duette

Marked Sterling CoroCraft with Pegasus

Coro Duette- unsigned
Missing Pin Frame

Marked Pat. #116490,
which is wrong.
Correct # is d126490

Coro Lotus 1/2 Duette?


1/2 Duette

Birds Duette
Courtesy Jan Gaughan

Marked: #1798867

Courtesy ID angeldaze

Marked: Coro, Pat. Pending

Coro Duette
Courtesy justabunchofwildflowers

Coro Duette and Earrings
Courtesy Norma

Courtesy ID angeldaze

Marked: Coro, Pat. Pending

Coro Triquette Bracelet
Courtesy Bonnie

Trifari Clip-mates  Clipmates are marked “Clip-mates” inside the mechanism on the dressclip attached inside the bottom of the clip, and may also have a stone setters number.   Clipmates made from 1936 to the end of 1937 would have the “KTF” mark.   Those marked “Clipmates” and “Trifari” would be dated from December of 1937, when the company switched to the Trifari mark.

Click on pictures for larger image.


Marked KTF, 153


Marked Clip-mate
and a patent number

Fruit Salad Clip-mate

Marked Clip-mate
Courtesy ID: jewel-nut


Marked Clip-mate, TKF


Marked Clip-mate, KTF, 52

Clip-mate single

Signed Clip-Mate
Trifari, 47


Marked Clip-mate and Trifari

Missing clipback

Marked Clip-mate, Trifari

Courtesy Robin Deutsch

Marked: Clip-mate, KTF, 49,32

Courtesy Robin Deutsch

Marked: Clip-mate, KTF
Pat. 2050804


Marked Trifari & Clip-mate
Courtesy ID: jewel-nut

Clip-mate missing pin frame

Marked Clip-mate

Clip-mate — very Deco

Marked Clip-mate, KTF

Trifari Tie-ups
Courtesy Susan at Eureka

Trifari Tie-ups
Courtesy Rea Maurice


Possibly British or European Double Clips — All purchased in the UK
Click on pictures for larger image.

German Marked 299, GESCH

Marked “Metal”

Clips are marked “CP”, 36 and 37

Pin frame is marked 36 and 37

British or European
Courtesy ID: palacecrystal

Each piece 2 inches

British Double Clip
Marked: Silver England

Courtesy The Duck Emporium

Marcasite Clips

Courtesy ID: floaty_cobweb

British Hallmarks
TM&Co, 1956 mark shows dress clips were made in England well into the 1950’s

Courtesy ID: 4_what_its_worth

Unusual double clip
Probably British

Courtesy ID: ladydocker

Beautiful double clip
Probably made in Great Britian

Courtesy The Duck Emporium

Other Frame Clips    —    Click on pictures for larger image.

Boucher Clip Necklace
See Patent

Marked: 5525, Boucher on necklace
5528, Boucher on clip

Hollywood Clip necklace
Large Clip & pair of earrings

Clip & necklace frame signed Hollywood

Courtesy Mrs. Mud

Mazer Double Clip
Courtesy Cheri Van Hoover

Boucher designed mechanism
while working for Mazer
Marked US PAT. 2034129

Ora Originals Double Clip
Courtesy Cheri Van Hoover

Hangtag: Ora Originals
A Product of Agnini & Singer

Courtesy ID: buzzz7-7

Deco Double Clip Brooch
Courtesy Merry Kaufman

Marked Pat. 1801128
for mechanism
by Waller 1931

Notice odd pin placement.

No markings

3 pieces marked
Pat. Pend

Possibly Coro

Marked Made in USA
Pat. 1852188
by E.A. Phinney for
Fuller & Son

Bracelet with two dress clips

XCourtesy ID: annsdogsnmore

Bracelet with two dress clips
Courtesy Gloria Barnhart

Bracelet with two dress clips

Doubles and Triples
   Click on pictures for larger image.

Double Bird Pins
Courtesy Linda Kent


No markings

Harry Iskin Triette
Courtesy Carolyn Davis

Earrings and pinback brooch

Mystery Interchangeable Clips    —    Click on pictures for larger image.

First 4 images
Courtesty IDpenuk

Similar to pin frame on bird clips above

All pieces marked with either # 205???4 or Pat. Pend.

See similarities to bird clip above

This is not a Clip-mate, but has the Pat. 2050804 clearly marked on one of the combs

Pin Frame
Top # may be 205???4
Bottom # 2066969(Farnham clasp for pins)

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