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Representative Sales Kit

Tara Fifth Avenue jewelry was originally in New York, NY, but moved to Garden Grove, CA, in 1965.   We know they sold some of their jewelry through direct sales representatives, either door-to-door or through home parties.    However, we don’t know if that was their only methold of selling.

Delizza and Elster made some jewelry for Tara, as did other jewelry manufacturers.    Tara may have manufactured some of their own jewelry, but we don’t know for sure.    In a letter to sales representatives on Nov. 2, 1965, Fred Lebwohl mentions having separate office and factory facilities in their new CA location.

Thanks to Dottie Sheffield, ID jim-n-dottie, who has shared images of this wonderful 1965 Tara Fifth Avenue jewelry representative’s sales kit with RCJ.   The kit included the black carrying case, some pieces of jewelry, several catalogs and other paper items.

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1. Tara Catalog Cover

2. Fantasia

3. Firey Frost

4. Continental

5. Maltese Cross

6. Roulette

7. Cameo, Intaglio
Ravenna, Claire, Pierre
Kitty R., Stardust

8. Golden Web, Curio

9. Classic, Slither, White Birch

10. DuBarry Pearls

11. Temple Bells, Tempura

12. Debs, ‘Tweens, Teens

13. Personal Jewelry

14. Sautoirs by Tara

15. Reigning Beauty
Tarantella, Starfire

16. Cleopatrician, Persion
Hyacinth, Intrigue

17. Venus and Apollo

23. Tara Paper Hangtag

18. Tara Paper Memorabilia

19. Fred Lebwolh Letter

20. Daniel O’Farrell Pres.

21. Tara Profit sharing

22. Tara Showcase

24. Tara Order Form

25. Catalog Front Cover

26. Fantasy

27. Jet Flight

28. Evening Rose

29. Heraldic, Volcano

30. Matrix, Star

31. Spring Song

32. Scarab

33. Birthstone Rings

34. White Birch, Golden Web

35. Beetle Bug, Simplicity
Gingerbread Man

36. Tiffany

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