Vintage Costume Jewelry Tip and Advice

Costume Jewelry Collectors
an original publication by RCJ and Dorothea Stringfield

*   If the item is not very dirty, you may be able to clean it by very gently using a Sunshine polishing cloth, or by brushing gently with a very soft “old” toothbrush.
*   For dirty items: I use a very soft old toothbrush and diluted liquid window cleaner (like Windex).    Spray a tiny bit of cleaner on the toothbrush, tap the bristles of the brush on a cloth until no more moisture “shows” on the cloth.  Gently brush the front of the item and blot with a soft, lint-free cloth. Clean the back using the same method.   However, if the foil-backed rhinestones are in open settings, do not wet or brush the backs of the stones.
*   If the stones in your jewelry do not have foil backs, you do not need to take the above precautions.

Protect Your Brooch From Damage

Slip the pinstem through the fabric.    Before closing the safety catch, put a little rubber earring guard on the pinstem.    Close the safety catch.    If the catch comes loose, the guard will keep the brooch from falling.

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