Juliana Jewelry Reference – Supplemental Index by Pamela Y. Wiggins

Juliana Jewelry Reference

Hardcover, 320 pages

While “Juliana Jewelry Reference DeLizza & Elster Identification & Value Guide” by Ann Pitman (Collector Books) imparts a great deal of beneficial information to costume jewelry collectors and sellers who are researching DeLizza & Elster jewelry, without an index it can be a bit unwieldy to use for quick reference.

To assist collectors, CJCI has developed a supplemental index for this book organized with the most common attributes that come to mind when viewing each style coupled with the descriptions in the book. Additional information on colors, materials, and stones has been added were that information was deemed appropriate.

Categories in the index are:

  • Colors – Jewelry where color is one of the predominant identifiers.
  • Dangling Beads – Styles featuring various types of dangling elements.
  • Jewelry Types – Christmas jewelry, figural pins, flowers and unusual styles for D&E.
  • Jewelry Styles – Belts, bracelets (other than link & band construction), link & band necklace example, jewelry made for other companies.
  • Mainly Rhinestones – Styles comprised of rhinestones without specialty stones or dangling elements.
  • Metal Accents & Metallic Finishes – Jewelry containing distinctive metal work or finishes on beads that look like metal.
  • Specialty Stones – Examples containing specialty stones D&E jewelry is known for incorporating.
  • Stone Shapes – Styles distinguished primarily by the shape of the stones used.
  • Unusual Necklaces – Examples of necklaces not typically associated with Juliana jewelry.

Download a printable PDF of the supplemental index (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) by clicking HERE.

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To report corrections or additions to this index, contact Pamela Wiggins at pam @ costumejewelrycollectors.com.

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