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Nona Grampp of “Nona’s of Alexandria @ RubyLane” has kindly allowed me to feature her photos of this little Fuller’s Findings Jewelers’ Findings catalog from January 1950, on RCJ.    In it are all sorts of catches, watch chains and parts, jump rings, clips and more.


Findings publications help us know when particular “parts” of jewelry were being sold to the industry, and help us date pieces of jewelry.    Just remember that findings may have been used much earlier than the particular publication shows.    Many manufacturers made the same findings for many, many years.


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Fuller’s Findings Catalog 1950

Information for jewelers’

Jewelry Beads and Balls

Bars for watch chains

Symmetrical Watch Bows

Round Watch Bows


Fancy Watch Bows

Railroad Watch Bows

Spring Bars

Spring Bars

Spring Bars

Jewelry Clutch Backs


Safety Catches

Safety Catches and Joints

Necklace Snap Catches

Watch Strap Buckles
Necklace Snap Catches

Necklace Snap Catches

Bracelet Center Catches
Sister Hooks


Jewelry Chain


Guard Chains

Guard Chains
Child’s Ring Chain

Fob and Sport Chains

Brooch and Scarf Pin Clutches


Necklace Clasps

Necklace Clasps

Dress Clips

Tie and Money Clips

Twisted Bead Cord With Wire Needle

Fuller’s Silk Braided Bead Cord


Braided Braclet Cords

Pad Eyes, Screw Eyes, Bracelet Joints

Earring Nuts

Pierced Earring Wires

Screwback Earring Wires

Fancy Screwback Earring Wires


Pierced Earring Wires
Clip Wires

Gallery Wire

Bails, Swivel Loop, Screw Plug

Assorted Findings

Joints and Pinstems



Pinstems with Rivets

Pin Backs
Scarf Pinstems

Jewelry Spring Rings

Spring Rings

Hollow Wire Spring Rings

Slip-On Ring Guard


Round Jump Rings

Oval Jump Rings

Jump Rings
Missing Links

Jump Ring Assortment

Jump Ring Assortment

Jump Ring Assortment


Jump Ring Assortment

Ring Sizes

Gold Solders



Jewelry Wire



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