Vintage Jewelry Catalog – 1900 Robert S. Gatter

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Catalog and Price List of Diamond, Gold and Plated Jewelry and Silver Things


Robert S. Gatter Jewelry Catalog

Sterling Silver Novelties


Diamond and Pearl Pendnats


Solid Gold Brooch Pins

Solid Gold & Sterling Brooches

Solid Gold Lockets

Solid Gold Lockets

Solid Gold Sleeve Buttons

Diamond & Pearl Scarf Pins

Solid Gold & Sterling Scarf Pins

Gent’s Gold Rings

Ladies Stone Rings

Gold Emblem charms

Gold Emblem Buttons

Solid Gold Emblem Pins

Solid Gold Fobs With Seals

Gold Crosses & Gold Heart Charms

Solid Gold & Rolled Plate Studs

Permanent Photography & Paintings

Plate & gold Filled Lockets

Plate & Gold Filled Lockets

Sterling Silver Lockets

Rolled Plate Brooches

Rolled Plate Hatpins

Rolled Plate Sleeve Buttons

Extra Gold Filled Vest Chains

Gent’s Gold Filled Vest Chains

Gold Filled Silk Fobs

Lorgnette Chains With Slides

Children’s Gold Plate Necks

Sterling Lorgnette Chains

Gold Padlock Bracelets

Sterling Padlock Bracelets

Padlock Bracelets

Nethersole & Signet Bracelets

Class & Fraternity Pins

College Flags & Seal Pins

Gold Bodice or Sash Pins

Sterling Bodice or Sash Pins

Sash Pins & Fobs

Sterling Bodice or Sash Pins

Waist Sets

Sterling Hat Pins

Sterling Silver Fobs

Knives & Cigar Cutters

Sterling Match Boxes

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