August 24, 2019

Gallery of Vintage Costume Jewelry Ads: M-W

Costume Jewelry Collectors Presents an original publication by RCJ and Dorothea Stringfield Vintage Ads A – L    Vintage Ads M – Z    Vintage Castlecliff Ads    Vintage Coro Ads    Vintage Eisenberg []
June 16, 2015

Who was Reinad? Creator or Copier? by Robin Deutsch for CJCI

Before delving into the Reinad “issue,” I must pay homage to the two of the finest jewelry collectors and historians of costume jewelry we know: Roberto []
January 2, 2014

What Made a Piece Copy Worthy? by Robin Deutsch for CJCI

Recognizing Quality in Vintage Costume Jewelry Costume jewelry is a very democratic medium. Whether you were a housewife, shop girl, or a wealthy woman – if []