August 24, 2019

Gallery of Vintage Costume Jewelry Ads: M-W

Costume Jewelry Collectors Presents an original publication by RCJ and Dorothea Stringfield Vintage Ads A – L    Vintage Ads M – Z    Vintage Castlecliff Ads    Vintage Coro Ads    Vintage Eisenberg []
March 31, 2015

Speakers for CJCI Convention 2015

Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l is pleased to announce the following speakers participating in CJCI Convention 2015: Kris Brandriff Kris grew up in the jewelry capital of []
April 3, 2013

Jewelry Manufacturing Concepts Part II by Mary Ann Docktor-Smith

In Part I of this feature, we explored three major metal fabrication methods: casting, die stamping and metal manipulation. We’ll now delve into the world of []