The Albert Walker Jewelry Company 1914 Catalog – Watches

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The Albert Walker Company Catalog of Watches

Nona Grampp, of “Nona’s of Alexandria @ RubyLane”, has kindly allowed me to feature her photos of this Albert Walker Jewelry catalog from the year 1915 on RCJ.   These pages from the catalog display Elgin, Hamilton, Howard, Waltham and Equity watches.

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Elgin Watches

18 size movements

18 size movements

16 size movements

16 size movements

12 size movements

Other movement sizes

Bracelet & Wrist Watches

Hamilton Watches

Hamilton Watches

Hamilton Watches

Hamilton Watches

Howard Watches

16 size gold watches

16 size gold-filled

12 size watches

Waltham Watches

18 size watches

18 size

16 size

Thin watches for men

12 size

Other Waltham watches

The Equity Watch

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