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Lawrence Vrba’s Material Mastery by Pamela Wiggins Siegel

Story by Pamela Wiggins Siegel Photography by Jay B. Siegel   Lawrence Vrba’s New

Warman’s Jewelry, 4th Edition by Kathy Flood

Review by Carolyn N. Davis I have certain expectations of a jewelry book. When

Vintage Wristwatches by Reyne Haines

Reviewed by Jay B. Siegel I love watches. In a day and age where

Appreciating Hendler in the Present & Future by Matt Burkholz

Erik and I both have loved Acri-Gems as vintage collectibles for more than 15

Classic American Costume Jewerly Vol 2 – by Jacqueline Rehmann

Review by Mary S. Laird Recently, I was presented with a copy of Classic

Judith Hendler: The Past, Present and Future by Erik Yang

Respected dealers and vintage jewelry historians Erik Yang and Matt Burkholz expand our knowledge

A Tale of Two Brothers Part 2 Staff Writer for AJ Raefields

KIM CRAFTSMEN’S JEWELRY LINES Earrings were an extremely important part of the Kim market.

A Tale of Two Brothers Part 1 by Staff Writer for AJ Raefields

The contribution of Kim Craftsmen to the costume jewelry industry spans a remarkable timeline

Juliana Jewelry Reference by Ann Pitman

Review by Mary Ann Docktor-Smith Ann Pitman’s book, “Juliana Jewelry Reference” has something for

Welch’s Floating Opal by Meg Andrews

I have vivid childhood memories of looking through my mother’s jewelry box and being