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Safeguarding Your Costume Jewelry Collection

by Kathryn Drury Wagner – Exclusively for CJCI Whether you’ve amassed it for fun

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by Patricia Gostick – Exclusively for CJCI Most tourists like to buy souvenirs as

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Marcel Boucher was an unbelievably talented jeweler. Not just a designer, but a jeweler/model

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Recognizing Quality in Vintage Costume Jewelry Costume jewelry is a very democratic medium. Whether

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Jewelry from Georgian Paste to Art Deco Rhinestones and Beyond Let me start by

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Understanding Period Copies So you’ve saved up your money, you’ve decided that you are

Are My Flea Market Find CHANEL Earrings Real or Fake? by Pamela Y. Wiggins

An Illustrated Guide to Identifying Genuine CHANEL Earrings Made in France Most collectors know

Monet Jewelry of the 1930s by Pamela Y. Siegel

Monocraft Before Monet Monocraft made its mark in the jewelry business by focusing on

Sixteen Ways to Wear a Dress Clip

Many years ago, collectors participating in an online listserv pooled their ideas to come

The Art of Juliana Jewelry by Katerina Musetti

Review by Pamela Y. Wiggins You don’t have to be a personal friend of